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If you already own Channel D's Pure Music or Pure Vinyl application and a Mac computer, you can now enjoy the digital room correction benefits of Spatial HD equalization. We remotely measure your speakers and room and build a sonically transparent correction file for real-time processing of the music file. 

The music file comes out of the computer already pre-conditioned with equalization adjustments to help make your speaker sound linear and natural in almost any room environment. This simple and effective approach eliminates the need for outboard room processors and delivers the ultimate in audio quality, without sonic degradation. Our remotely controlled measurement and correction service takes the complexity and guesswork out of the process of optimizing the sound of your system.

Spatial Dimension comes with everything needed for us to remotely measure, analyze and correct the speaker / room interface - USB Measurement microphone, mic stand and cables are shipped to your home. Then, Clayton Shaw personally performs the equalization process and creates a digital file of the settings. The digital correction runs automatically inside Pure Music. See Steven Stone's full review of Spatial HD in the December 2012 Issue 228 of the Absolute Sound Magazine.  

$ 9 9 5     O r d e r

          Blue-before   Green-after correction

         Blue-before   Green-after correction

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