Step into the future and experience the Hologram M3. The latest research from Clayton Shaw's quarter-century of development into open-baffle technology has yielded a beautifully natural and transparent sounding loudspeaker with the deep emotional connection of the real thing. A virtual image seems to project through the wall boundaries into open space for an unforgettable listening experience. All Hologram models can be used in a wide range of room sizes without the room boom associated with box speakers. Hear life-like dynamics and emotional impact with the liquid sounding M3.  All passive, analog design - no digital signal processing required. The World's No. 1 selling open-baffle speaker.

Design by Clayton Shaw • Engineered and manufactured in the USA.



Type:  2-way, point source, open-baffle, dynamic driver, controlled directivity

Chassis:: Two Layer HDF (High Density Fiberboard)

Driver compliment:  Two 15 inch mid/woofers, one wide bandwidth compression driver

Crossover:  800Hz - Passive - Hologram Network Technology - WBT NextGen Binding Posts, Dueland treble cabling

Frequency Response:  32Hz - 20kHz  +/- 3dB in room response 

Sensitivity:  94dB - averaged across 200Hz to 5kHz at 1M - on axis

Impedance:  4Ω nominal

Recommended amplifiers -tube or solid state 10 Watts and larger.

Dimensions:  42T x 17W x 3D inches, 55 lbs  net each

20 year limited warranty

60 day trial period allows you to experience the Hologram in your own home without risk.  Terms

American innovation.   Made in USA


Available in Black, Red and White Satin.  Lead times for new orders approx 1 week.

M 3 Turbo S  $2995 pair