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The Hologram M4 distills the breakthrough technology of the M3 into an even smaller size and lower price with only slightly less deep bass extension. The M4s holographic imaging and powerful dynamics easily outperform traditional speakers in its class. High efficiency and ballistic dynamics are combined with precision response and beautiful tonal color to create the best speaker ever produced under $2K. All in a timeless architectural design. Join us in the future of loudspeaker design.

Design by Clayton Shaw • Engineered and manufactured in the USA.


NEW - now available in Triode Master version (see M3 Triode Master page for design details)


M4 Turbo S Specifications

Type:  Precision Point Source 2-way coaxial design, open-baffle, dynamic driver, controlled directivity, low noise design

Chassis:  Super HDF - 2.5 inch thick - low vibration monocoque structure

Driver compliment:  Two 12 inch mid/woofers, one wide bandwidth compression driver

Crossover:  800Hz - Passive -  Hologram Passive Network Technology - WBT NextGen Binding Posts, Duelund treble cabling

Frequency Response:  45Hz - 20kHz  +/- 3dB in-room response

Sensitivity:  93dB - averaged across 200Hz to 5kHz at 1M - on axis

Impedance:  4Ω nominal, 3 Ω minimum

Amp Requirements: Tube or Solid State 10 W or larger

Dimensions:  36T x 14W x 3D inches, 44 lbs.

20 year limited warranty

Made in USA    •    American Innovation and Quality

60 day Trial Period - no hassle return guarantee  Terms


Available in Black, White or Red.  Lead time for new orders approx 1 week.

M4 Turbo S  $1995 per pair 

Contact Clayton to discuss your application needs at 435.640.1294 or email to

M4 Triode Master $2995 per pair

Available in Black, White or Red.  Lead time for new orders approx 2 weeks.

Upgrade your M4 Turbo or Turbo S to Triode level for only $895 (includes new shipping carton)