Our top of the line model - the LUMINA L2.

Lumina 2018 Brochure-Inside-01.png

Lumina L2 Specifications

Type: 3-way, dynamic, open baffle design with powered bass & Controlled Directivity

Drivers: Two 12 inch paper composite woofers - Active Servo Control

One 12 inch Radian coaxial with 1 inch compression driver

Frequency response: 15Hz - 20kHz +/- 3dB (in room)

Impedance: 8 Ω Nominal

Sensitivity: 95 dB

Power Input: 8W or greater

Power Max: 200W RMS, 400W Program

Dimensions: 16W x 48T x 3D 170 lbs shipping wt Each

Warranty: 5 year limited

Factory direct Price: $25,000 pr