Lumina Loudspeakers

 LUMINA 12Be Statement

LUMINA 12Be Statement

Rules of Engagement

The new Lumina series open-baffle speakers portray a level of emotional engagement seldom heard outside live music. Lumina's free breathing expression is a marvel to experience. Lightning quick acceleration is courtesy of the X3212's 96dB Sensitivity. Twin 12 inch Servo Controlled Bass drivers provide crisp, resonance-free bass down to 15Hz. The open-baffle bass section is self-powered by monobloc servo amplifiers delivering massive bass impact, without the box boom. 


World's Finest Open-Baffle Loudspeaker

M O D E R N  D E S I G N

Sleek and beautiful, the Lumina is a refreshing break from conventional boxy speakers. Lumina's classic style will endure far into the future. 


Lumina 12 Be Statement Dipole in wood veneered surfaces  $25,000 pr and up

Contact Factory for pricing details. Allow 45 days for delivery.



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Lumina's high standard of accuracy require the best machine tools. Perfectly smooth edges and machined features produced on the German-made Weeke CNC Router help to create an exceptionally high quality and consistent product.

Lumina 12Be Statement Dipole Specification


3-way, open-baffle, dynamic driver with controlled directivity and self-powered Servo bass section

X32 series coaxial driver - 12 inch midrange & 1 inch exit compression driver

Two 12 inch Servo-Controlled bass drivers with matching 375 Watt Monobloc Servo Amplifiers

Frequency Response: 15Hz to 20kHz  +/- 3dB

Impedance: 8Ω nominal, 6Ω minimum

Sensitivity: 96dB averaged across midband

Dispersion Pattern: 80˚ broadband

Size: 16 W x 3 D x 48 H (inches)

Weight: 150 lbs

115V / 230V switchable power

CE & RoHs Compliant

5 year Limited Warranty