M FORCE  - Bass System

Dramatically improve your system with the new M Force dipolar low frequency system. Highly articulate bass reproduction with speed and instrument separation greatly improves the listening experience. Reduces room interaction and eliminates the thud and boom typical with box subwoofers. Designed specifically for music reproduction, the M Force can be added to any speaker system and is easy to setup. An outboard 225 Watt power amplifier provides frequency, phase and level controls. High and low level input signal connections and Auto-turn on capability.


Frequency Response:  25Hz to 200Hz (-3dB in room), user selectable active crossover settings

Impedance: Nominal 4 Ohm load

Power Amplifier: Outboard 225W @ 4 Ohms - class AB, adjustable integration control settings

Dimensions: Speaker 42H x 17W x 6D (12D including support legs), Amplifier 17W x 4T x 14D

Weight: 50 lbs Net, 60 lbs Shipping

Warranty: 5 Year Limited Coverage


M-Force image - Black.png