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Hello Clayton,

I'm listening to the M1s right now and I admit they are AWESOME!!! As you mentioned, they were a bit tight when I first played them but they've opened up beautifully. Definitely the best speakers I've ever owned. The Lotus ice white gloss paint looks great and the M1s are truly pieces of art. Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions, agreeing to apply the Lotus paint, suggesting the gray cloth (which looks great), and most of all for providing an excellent product! 

Hyon C.  Weatherby Lake MO


  • Spatial Audio Hologram M1 Speaker: $4,000 per pair

            RMAF 2014 Review by Wayne Meyers - Home Theater Shack

When I hear someone make a claim like, "Box speakers are finally obsolete," my reaction is that marketing hype can state pretty much anything. Then again, it is hard to argue with real results.

I was initially drawn to the Spatial Audio Hologram M1 speakers by their shape, a 36" high by 20" wide rectangle with grill material revealing a pair of 15" drivers, the surface leaning back to point up at the listening position. The M1 is a dipole design, two-way, with two 15-inch mid/woofers and a 800-Hz-and-up compression tweeter concentric with the upper 15-incher. The soundstage and imaging were excellent - the soundstage was simply HUGE, and image clarity was razor sharp. Frequency response was exceptionally smooth and natural. I commented that I could not hear the tweeter at work at all. Clayton Shaw, the designer, was proud of his work on the custom 1.75 inch compression tweeter, with its soft polymer surround and ferrofluid damping. The result was an extremely life-like upper-mid and high end.

The more I listened, the more impressed I was by the M1 pair. I ended up adding them to my I Want One! list., one of two items at the show to earn that award. They almost completely disappeared in the room, were exceptionally clean and natural.

I asked Clayton to crank them up, and they delivered higher volumes effortlessly, with a sense of supreme control over all aspects of the sound. And they went and deep into the bass range. The design is entirely passive, requiring no DSP or active crossover, which is not a huge deal to me either way, but the sense of unified integration was particularly enthralling for an all-passive design.

The dynamic range was also noteworthy. Clayton talked about his preference for high-efficiency designs, that they are better at giving the same response and sonic qualities at all volumes as a result of lower power dissipation and heat build-up.

Years ago I looked askance at dipoles and and panel speakers as unnecessary oddities. It is speakers like the Hologram 1 that swayed me to the other side. I want one! Make that a pair.

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Wayne Myers

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