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The New M3 Sapphire

Audiophiles familiar with Spatial know we only introduce a new product if it provides a real advance in sonic performance and design technology. The M3 Sapphire certainly follows our tradition and is a worthy successor to the award winning M3 Series that preceded it. The M3 Sapphire is part of a new technology platform that transports the listener like no other speaker anywhere near its price.

Type M100 Uniwave® - Direct Drive Dome Driver

The Pure Sapphire M100 driver is our second generation Uniwave® device. Operating from 576Hz-40kHz, the crossover-less drive unit retrieves extremely fine detail and provides the coherency of a point source membrane. With its high excursion suspension design, massive heatsink cooling, along with Ferrofluid damping/thermal coupling - voice coil stability and overall reliability are ensured. The M100 ushers in a new level of insight into the music signal.

Our latest Open-baffle woofer - the Spatial ST15-8 offers up powerful low frequency energy with consummate speed and true tone. Properly engineered Open Baffle (OB) designs provide the most authentic and detailed bass performance available. You only hear the music - not the box. Experience the World’s No. 1 selling OB loudspeaker. $4200 pr.

M3 Sapphire Specifications:

Type: 2-way Dynamic Dipolar - Open Baffle

Drivers: 1 x Spatial M100 Uniwave® - Direct Drive Transducer

2 x Spatial ST15 - 15 inch cast frame Dipole Woofer

Frequency Range: 32Hz-40kHz (typical in-room bandwidth)

Impedance: 4 Ohms nominal

Sensitivity: 92 dB

Amplifier Use: Compatible with Tube and Solid State amps 8 Watts and greater

Finish: Choice of real wood veneers - Walnut, Sepele, and Maple

Size: 47T x 19W x 3D inches

Weight: 85 lbs net, 95 lbs Shipping

60 day Return Option

5 year Warranty

Made in USA