M3 Turbo S

The M3 is a loudspeaker that uses an open-baffle design combined with a compression driver in a coaxial arrangement to achieve a sonic result that is unobtainable from ANY conventional box, line-array, electrostatic, or even dipole design.
— Steven Stone - Home Theater Review

There you have it - the speaker that turned the industry on its ear. The M3’s unique design revolutionized the under $5K market segment. Simple, yet powerful. Dynamic, yet nuanced, holographic in presentation - the M3 reset the bar for performance. Numerous electronics and cable manufacturers have adopted the M3 as their reference for product development due to its uncanny ability to disappear into the sound field and reflect the true sound of the upstream device. “After 30 years of OB testing and development, the M3 represents a distillation of everything we have learned” - Designer Clayton Shaw

Simply put, the Spatial M3 Turbo S amply lives up to its moniker, “Hologram.” I have never experienced such a broad, spacious, three-dimensional presentation as I have with this speaker.
— Steve Folberg - Part Time Audiophile

M3 Turbo S Specifications

Type: 2-way, dynamic, open baffle design with Controlled Directivity

Drivers: Two 15 inch paper composite mid/woofers,

One coaxially mounted 1 inch compression driver

Frequency response: 32Hz - 20kHz +/- 3dB (in room)


Impedance: 4 Ω Nominal

Sensitivity: 95 dB

Power Input: 8W or greater

Power Max: 200W RMS, 400W Program

Dimensions: 17W x 42T x 2.5D (48 x 22 x 14 Cartoned) 55lbs net, 65lbs shipping wt

Warranty: 20 year limited

Trial Return Period: 60 days

Factory direct Price: $2995 pr