M5 Sapphire Overview

Type M100 Uniwave® - Crossoverless Dome Driver

The Pure Sapphire M100 driver is our new Direct Drive Uniwave® device. Operating from 576Hz-40kHz, it retrieves deep levels of information and provides the coherency of a point source membrane. With its high excursion suspension design, massive heatsink cooling, along with Ferrofluid damping/thermal coupling - voice coil stability and overall reliability are ensured. The M100 ushers in a new level of insight into the music signal.

Type ST15 Dipole Woofer - Our latest Open-baffle woofer - the Spatial ST15-8 offers up powerful low frequency energy with consummate speed and true tone. Precise transition to the M100 allows the M5 to speak with one voice across the audible spectrum. $2950 pr

M5 Specifications:

Type: 2-way Dynamic Dipolar

Drivers: 1 x Spatial M100 Uniwave® - Direct Drive Transducer

1 x Spatial ST15 - 15 inch cast frame Dipole Woofer

Frequency Range: 32Hz-40kHz (typical in-room bandwidth)

Impedance: 8 Ohms nominal

Sensitivity: 92 dB

Finish: Choice of real wood veneers - Walnut, Sepele and Maple

Size: 42T x 18W x 3D inches

Weight: 65 lbs net, 75 lbs Shipping

60 day Return Option

5 year Warranty

Made in USA

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