X3 Overview



X3 introduces a new high performance baffle material from Germany called UltraLam. The composite structure contains hundreds of layers of beech wood glued together to form a beautiful and dense baffle with excellent self-damping properties for the most natural sound available. A secondary sub-baffle provides resonance draining properties and houses the isolated mid/high passive crossover and integrated N-Core power amplifier which drives the subwoofer. An ideal combination of an 8 Ohm, high-efficiency mid/treble system and a DSP controlled, direct-coupled, self-powered Open-Baffle subwoofer outperforms any known all-passive design approach. An Architectural Grade design that serves the music. Ideal for use in medium to large sized rooms. $7500pr

Made in USA

TPL150H closeup.png


The World’s finest Air Motion Transformer unit covers the upper midrange, into the ultrasonic spectrum in a single element, with low distortion and controlled directivity radiation properties. This dipolar unit’s intrinsic high efficiency and large surface area provide unparalleled upper register reproduction, eliminating listener fatigue while maintaining true fidelity to the input signal. The need to switch drivers in the critical range between 1kHz an 5kHz seen in traditional speaker designs is no longer necessary. Machined and die-cast aluminum construction throughout with powerful Neodymium motor assembly provides non-resonant, pristine reproduction with precise imaging and soundstage projection.

Our new 12 inch lower midrange driver is lightning quick by virtue of its low moving mass and ultra powerful rare-earth motor design for excellent signal tracking down to 90Hz.



Crisp, detailed low registers are produced by the new Spatial ST15-8 Neo subwoofer, establishing a firm foundation to the music down to 25 Hz. Absolute speed and authority without the loose, boomy side effects found in box speaker designs.


X3 Specifications:

Type: 3-way Dynamic Dipolar

Drivers: 1 x Air Motion Transformer - wideband unit

1 x Spatial Md12 12 inch cast frame Dipole Midrange

1 x Spatial ST15 - 15 inch cast frame Dipole Woofer

Frequency Range: 25Hz-22kHz (typical in-room bandwidth)

Impedance: 8 Ohms nominal

Sensitivity: 97 dB

Finish: German made Ultralam beach composite baffle - Natural, Honey and Nutmeg color tints

Size: 49T x 18W x 5D inches

Weight: 85 lbs net

5 year Warranty

Made in USA