Q U A N T U M  F I E L D  C A B L E 

While there are dozens of quality signal cables on the market, Spatial's Quantum Field designs are unique in the industry. In 2008, we started our research program to determine which design elements are audibly beneficial and to track down the source of degradation present in most commercial cables. Eventually, our research showed that structural resonances in the copper conductors were the causing the most audible degradation in cables of all prices ranges.  Six years later, our resulting design approach continues to win accolades from users.


The Quantum Field Cable design addresses structural resonances head on with an advanced vibration damping system along the entire length of the cable. This creates a very clean and low distortion reproduction with an extremely quiet background field for state-of-the-art dynamic contrast portrayal. Overall, the Quantum Field design offers a smooth, clean and uncluttered view into the music with outstanding dynamic scaling and 3 dimensionality.


Available in interconnect and speaker cables.

Starting at $400 pr.

45 Day Trial Period