V E L O C I T Y   B R I D G E   V B 1

Clayton Shaw's latest invention, the VB 1 is an interface stabilizer that mounts across your loudspeaker's input terminals.


The Velocity Bridge helps to optimize power transfer into the speaker's load characteristics, providing tighter, more defined bass and improved placement of instruments in the sound field with better definition and a sense of space around performers. 


Further sonic improvements come from the termination of Radio Frequency Interference (RFI), for a cleaner and more refined treble range. Improved sonic performance guaranteed.


The VB 1 is available with spade or Z banana terminations. One VB1 is used for each speaker for single wire loudspeakers. One VB 1 should be used for each section of a bi-amped or bi-wired speaker. 

Made in USA


$ 9 5 ea               B U Y

Enter 2 units for 1 pair

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V E L O C I T Y   B R I D G E   V B 2

The VB2 is the line level version of our popular Velocity Bridge technology. For use with all balanced interconnect cables connecting line level sources, preamps and power amplifiers. Reduces RF noise by up to 20dB from sources such as cell phones and Wifi devices. Provides lower noise floor for improved dynamic range.


Made in USA


$ 95 ea              B U Y     

Enter 2 units for 1 pair

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