Spatial x1

The Revolutionary X1 Uniwave is now available, starting at $14,000 per pair.

USA customers call for local pricing and freight estimates 

$1000 Refundable Deposit

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The entire spectrum above 300Hz is reproduced by a low distortion compression driver/waveguide assembly of the highest quality available. The Unity Wavelaunch 100mm diaphragm produces a near perfect phasefront with controlled radiation angle. The dipolar Uniwave driver's low mass and high acceleration deliver a realistic rendition of the music source across the entire 6 octave range without crossover networks or switching drivers, rendering conventional designs obsolete. Co-developed with Radian Audio Engineering.

Made in USA.


18 inch dipole WOOFER

Reference level bass performance is generated by the custom designed 18 inch diameter woofer, patented & built by Acoustic Elegance in the USA with 40 lb magnet assembly. Crisp, authentic reproduction of low frequency information provides a satisfyingly solid foundation down to 18Hz. The open baffle, dipolar design eliminates boomy, ill defined bass, while greatly reducing room interaction problems associated with box speakers. Powerful dynamics, and subtle detail retrieval are hallmarks of the X1. 


Low Resonance Chassis

The X1 drivers work from a stable launch platform with our new 4 inch thick chassis design and steel support legs. A stable, low resonance system is essential to performance at this level. High inertia is also provided by the heavy magnet assemblies of the drivers themselves, ensuring that driver motion is converted directly into sound waves rather than chassis vibration.

Industrial design by David Evett and Evett Design.



The Spatial X1 Uniwave requires bi-amplification and equalization. We offer a range of products to perform this task that fit with your existing system components. Vinnie Rossi has developed an all analog, modular LIO solution dedicated to the X1.  Or start out with the miniDSP and upgrade to one of our higher end solutions later.

SPATIAL is an authorized reseller for DEQX and Vinnie Rossi 


                                                 MiniDSP with USB input $295


                         MiniDSP with USB input $295

                                                           DEQX starting at $3495


                             DEQX starting at $3495

                    Vinnie Rossi LIO starting at $5775

                    Vinnie Rossi LIO starting at $5775