Spatial x1

The Revolutionary X1 Uniwave is now available worldwide


  •Satin Paint $15,000 per pair (black,white,red)

 •Wood finish $18,000 per pair

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The entire audio spectrum above 300Hz is reproduced by a single, precision transducer element.  The Unity Wavelaunch 100mm diaphragm produces a near perfect phase front, plus controlled radiation pattern and low distortion. The dipolar Uniwave system is a time coherent portal into the music signal itself. Sensitivity 110 dB / 1W. Co-developed with Radian Audio Engineering.

Made in USA.


18 inch dipole WOOFER

State-of-the-Art Bass is generated by the precision 18 inch woofer, patented by US firm Acoustic Elegance with its 40 lb Lamba Motor assembly, featuring ultra low inductance. Super precise low frequency detail is grounded into the physical domain via 18Hz subsonic bandwidth. The Dipolar Design pressurizes the room naturally with minimal room excitation. Re-radiation of back wave energy through the woofer in conventional box speakers is eliminated, along with the music colorations that boxes overlay onto the signal. Eliminating the box allows the  X1 to propagate bass freely and accurately.


Low Resonance Chassis

The X1 drivers work from a stable launch platform with our new 4 inch thick chassis design and steel support legs. A stable, low resonance system is essential to performance at this level. High inertia is also provided by the heavy magnet assemblies of the drivers themselves, ensuring that driver motion is converted directly into sound waves rather than chassis vibration.

Industrial design by David Evett and Evett Design.

  Satin Red Paint

Satin Red Paint



The Spatial X1 Uniwave requires bi-amplification and equalization. We offer a range of products to perform this task that fit with your existing system components. Vinnie Rossi has developed an all analog, modular LIO solution dedicated to the X1.  Or start out with the miniDSP and upgrade later.

SPATIAL is an authorized reseller for Vinnie Rossi 


                                                                           MiniDSP with USB input $295


                                             MiniDSP with USB input $295

                                            Vinnie Rossi LIO starting at $5775

                                          Vinnie Rossi LIO starting at $5775